10 Must-Have Travel Essentials For A Travel Enthusiast

10 Must-Have Travel Essentials For A Travel Enthusiast

Every year, millions of people are traveling across the globe to different places and enjoying adventurous mountains trekking, camping sites, beaches, heritage locations, and the list goes on. Every travel enthusiast must have an idea that you must have all the essential travel items on your packing list to make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

Just imagine, when you have a perfect backpack or a rucksack, you do not have to worry about your personal stuff in all the pockets provided in it. When you have a coffee maker, you can satisfy your caffeine urges anywhere and everywhere. When you are having a smart device, the GPS tracker will easily lead you to the exact destination without any external help.

Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, there are certain travel essentials that you must always carry along with yourself. So what are these travel essentials? The team of Gypsy Lifestyle Buzz has coordinated with different travel experts and rounded up all the travel essentials everyone should carry.

1. A Perfect And Comfortable Backpack:

The very first thing that you should add to your travel packing list is a comfortable backpack. The backpack you choose must be multi-featured, and multi-utility. It should have a bunch of hidden pockets where you can store all the personal and important stuff. With the hidden pockets, you can ensure that your important things would not get stolen at any cost.  You can get different types, designs, and colors of backpacks from various e-commerce websites. Some of the best travel backpacks are available at Amazon.com and Flipkart.

The backpacks are available with 22L, 32L, 38L, as well as 40L. You can choose the ones that you find the best for your travel purposes. You should make sure that the backpack you are choosing should be durable, strong, lightweight, and have multiple pockets of different sizes.

Here are some of the best picks that we have listed below from Amazon.com.

A Perfect 35L Travel Backpack For Both Men And Women

This is a fully-featured flight-approved travel backpack that can be used for international traveling. It is water-resistant, extremely durable, and available in two different colors. You can comfortably store your laptops or Thinkpad in it as it has got a soft-padded separate slot for it. 

It is a perfect backpack for long weekend travels or business travels to make your journey comfortable and easy.

The Backpack That Is Perfect For Hiking:

A hiking backpack is perfect when you want to travel to a camping site or take an adventurous trip. It is a portable backpack, has immense strength and it is ultra light-weight. You can avail of this backpack in different colors. It has got a capacity of 20L and it is extremely spacious. 

There are innumerable backpacks available on different sites and you can browse through them and buy the one that you find comfortable for yourself and that is suitable for your journey. 

There are innumerable backpacks available on different sites and you can browse through them and buy the one that you find comfortable for yourself and that is suitable for your journey.

2. You Must Have Multiple Zipper Cubes:

Zipper cubes are very convenient packaging options that are quite useful in keeping all the tiny stuff organized in a single cube. When you are storing all the small and tiny things in the zipper cubes, it will help you to keep your bags organized and your small things and essentials won’t get lost in the big bag. Each and everything could be compressed inside the zipper bags and can be conveniently fixed beside the clothes and other essentials. 

You can get mesh Zipper cubes in different sizes, fabrics, and colors for storing different things. 

Get A Collection Of 6 Black Zipper Cubes:

You can use these zipper cubes or pouches for storing cosmetics, makeup essentials, and other toiletries. The zipper cubes are incredibly durable and very spacious. You can have multiple zipper cubes for storing different things. For buying zipper cubes or pouches, there are different brands that offer the best products – the different zipper cubes could be easily used for different capacity backpacks, suitcases, and even rucksacks. 

Get Ultralight And Compressive Zipper Packing Cubes:

You can buy a collection of multiple zipper cubes in different sizes – 2XL, 2L, or 2M. The material that is used in the making of the zipper cubes is extremely genuine and durable. It is available in black as well as white colors. You can choose the most suitable and most convenient one for yourself.

3. Plastic Waterproof Zipper Pouches

These waterproof zippers are the best when you want to store your electronic gadgets, or laundry, or even documents and keep them protected from being ruined by the weather changes, and dust. Moreover, when your things are kept in a zipper pouch or packets, it becomes quite easier for you to access them whenever required. The zipper pouches are quite convenient to travel essential as they can be reused over time, they are waterproof, and have the sealing feature. So you can also store some dry fruits, fruits, or sandwiches in the zipper pouches for your journey. Besides making use of the zipper pouches for storing the essentials, it is quite necessary to have extra zipper pouches so that you can easily use them whenever required. The zipper pouches will keep things safe even when there is a water leak in the bag. 

For getting zipper bags or pouches, you can order a set of 10 to 12 bags from online stores – Amazon.com or Flipkart. Besides this, you can even get it from the physical stores easily. 

4. Always Have 2 to 3 Reusable Water Bottles Or Tumblers While Traveling

This is the most essential thing that generally no one would forget. Water is something we would need every now and then and it is essential to have a reusable bottle or tumbler that could easily fit into your bags. Having a reusable water bottle is convenient because you can refill them. These reusable water bottles or tumblers are made from a durable and lightweight material which makes them easy to carry around without adding any extra weight to your bag. The best aspect of the reusable water bottle is that they are leak-proof and have in-built filters that can easily remove all the harmful bacterias and dust particles from entering the water. You will always have clean and fresh water to drink. 

Pro Tip: You can carry multiple water bottles of different sizes so that you do not have a shortage of water at any time. This is practically applicable when you are planning for a trekking trip or camping. 

5. Disposable Paper Or Plastic Bags

Having disposable paper or plastic bags is quite essential as it will be helpful in storing all the garbage in it such as waste foods. Wet clothes, and other unwanted things. It is always better to have these extra bags along with you for garbage collection rather than throwing the unwanted things all around the place. Once you find a public dustbin, you can easily dispose of them. In this way, you could keep your surrounding and tourist places clean and support the environment. 

6. Don’t Forget Your First-Aid Kit

When you have planned for an adventurous trip – hiking or trekking or it is a luxurious trip to some exotic place, having a first-aid is a must. You may require it anytime. Generally, when your travel expeditions are full of rough routes and paths, you can easily get hurt or bruised. In your first-aid box, you must have all the essential medical stuff such as Dettol (or any other antiseptic), bandages, usual medicines for headache or backache, or even painkillers. So you must always carry a first-aid box or kit along with you – it is always better to be safe than sorry especially when you are at a place where getting help is next to impossible. 

You can make your own DIY First Aid Kit. Here is the link that will help you to know what are the essential things that you must have in the first-aid kit while traveling. 

DIY Travel Essential First-Aid Kit

If you are not interested in DIY First Aid-Kit then you can buy it from Amazon, or Flipkart and that too at a reasonable rate. 

7. A High-Resolution Compact Camera

Well, this goes without saying that you should have a compact camera along with you while you are traveling. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or not, you won’t ever forget to carry a compact camera as it is the best way to capture the memorable moments of the trip, nature, and beautiful locations. Well, these days, people do have an iPhone which provides the best picture quality but if you have a DSLR it will completely give a better option for clicking high-resolution pictures. Most of the travel experts would suggest you go for a Canon G7x Mark II. This compact camera has an amazing set of features that will encourage you to take better pictures that have high resolution and color quality. With this camera, you would not have to face any sort of overheating issues. Even the video quality offered by Canon G7x Mark II is amazing and you will find this camera worth purchasing. 


8. Comfy And Multipurpose Shoes:

If you are on a trip for more than 2 days or traveling on a vacation, then you would definitely have multiple pairs of footwear that you could wear on different occasions. Besides this, you must always keep spare shoes that are comfortable and have a versatile look. It can be worn anytime and anywhere. 

Apart from this, if you are on an impromptu trekking trip, hiking or camping then it is always better to have comfy shoes that are waterproof and extremely durable. It will not cause any irritation or injuries even when you are traveling for miles. 

You can get these amazing comfy shoes from Amazon. 

9. You Must Have Different Sets Of Travel Clothes

You might have already planned your trip and what different clothes you would need. Besides stylish clothing, always have a pair of comfortable clothing such as pajamas, t-shirts, and loose-fitting clothes that you wear during nighttime or when the temperature is soaring extremely high. Whatever types of clothes you are packing you must ensure that they should not add extra weight to the bag. These comfortable clothing could be helpful when you are either traveling on a long-hour flight or on a train. 

Along with essential clothing, you must keep travel towels with you. Wherever you are traveling, it cannot be guaranteed that you would be getting a towel. So always have a travel towel in your spare. The travel towel you get for yourself must be extremely lightweight and quick-dry

You can get a collection of some amazing travel towels here. 

10. Well, Have You given A Thought To Travel Insurance?

Having travel insurance is a must as it will be helpful when you lose your valuables during travel or get injured or suffer from any illness. Travel insurance will always save you from such unprecedented situations. You must have travel insurance well before your trip from a reliable and trustworthy agency. Even the travel experts say that it is extremely essential to book travel insurance whether you are traveling abroad. While doing so, you should check the policies and how much it would cost you to get travel insurance. You can even take help from your friends and family or colleagues who have traveled abroad and returned safely. 

Here is the list of the best travel insurance agencies you can find in India.

  • Aditya Birla Travel Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance
  • Bharti AXA Travel Insurance
  • Cholamandalam Travel Insurance
  • Digit Travel Insurance
  • Future Generali Travel Insurance
  • IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance
  • National Insurance Travel Insurance
  • New India Assurance Travel Insurance
  • Oriental Travel Insurance
  • Reliance Travel Insurance
  • Religare Travel Insurance
  • Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance
  • SBI Travel Insurance
  • Shriram Travel Insurance
  • Star Travel Insurance
  • Tata AIG Travel Insurance
  • United India Travel Insurance
  • Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

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