5 Stunning And Unique Airbnb Cabins For Romantic Getaways

5 Stunning And Unique Airbnb Cabins For Romantic Getaways

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You might be aware of the famous proverb – what food is for the body, travel is for the soul. After so many years, when I have actually started traveling to different places, experiencing new things, vibing with different people, I have understood the meaning behind it. When you travel to different places – popular travel destinations, heritage locations, resorts/hotels, waterpark, trek, or camping, you are allowing yourself to explore a wide range of things which includes, climate change, different cuisines, languages, religious beliefs of the native people and various other things. All these unforgettable experiences are something that makes you rich and has amazing memories. 

It also entails that you must take a break from your routine life and explore different places. You can plan out some road trip to nearby places or plan a romantic vacation. Well, if you are planning or have already decided to go on romantic getaways then nothing could beat the Cabins offered at Airbnb. 

When you talk about the romantic getaways – some peculiar but romantic things come to your mind – curling up with your partner, a fireplace in the room, having dinner together, a small wooden cabin in a faraway land. Romantic travel destinations usually mean that you are alone with your partner where you are getting all the facilities and there is no one around to disturb you. Along with romantic cabins, you also dream of having a romantic backdrop that usually includes a waterfall, lake, bonfire, romantic music, and much more. 

Here are some of the most romantic Airbnb cabins that you can add to your bucket list. 

#1 Romantic Airbnb Cabins: Nordlys MetaLark Tower

Location: Wisconsin, US

It is one of the most popular (my favorite) Airbnb Cabin that is designed specifically for couples as well as families. People looking forward to spending some quality tie with their romantic partner can visit the place and explore the serene ambiance it has to offer. People can take a break from their routine, boring, tedious life and grab the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Nordlys – it is basically a 140 acres area full of magical vibes, a beautiful cabin on lakeside, meadows, and a breeze climate. 

The cabin is designed in a way so that people can enjoy the beauty of the Wisconsin area – natural surroundings, a cozy bedroom, and everything good and nice. 

What Will You Explore At Nordlys?

  • At the Airbnb Nordlys cabins, you will experience Scandinavian simplicity. 
  • Right from the floor to the ceiling, you could see the wonder the glass doors and windows provide. 
  • The kitchen area of the Nordlys cabin is entity adorned with all the essential and high-quality appliances. It will be a delight for just any cook.
  • The organic linens and the world-class furnishing will make you feel as if you are at a great retreat or relaxing place. 
  • The owners of the Nordlys state that they come together or collaborate with the local companies that are providing high-quality products to impart a unique experience to the visitors/guests. 

5 Stunning And Unique Airbnb Cabins For Romantic Getaways
5 Stunning And Unique Airbnb Cabins For Romantic Getaways
5 Stunning And Unique Airbnb Cabins For Romantic Getaways
5 Stunning And Unique Airbnb Cabins For Romantic Getaways
5 Stunning And Unique Airbnb Cabins For Romantic Getaways
5 Stunning And Unique Airbnb Cabins For Romantic Getaways
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What Activities You Can Do or Experience?

It is a great place if you do not want to do anything and just sit inside the cabin and witness the beauty of the entire site. But I would strongly recommend that if you are here, you must try out hiking, cycling as well as go boating. You might be surprised – Well, yes you can do all these activities here. 


  • The Nordlys provide you approximately 5 to 6 cycles which you can use to trail around the place and spend a good time. 
  • Complimentary Bern helmets are available.

Hiking: If you are fond of hiking, then you must carry your rugged shoes as the site have several hiking trails that you would love to explore. 

Ice Skating: This sport or activity you can perform during winters. As the lakes froze into ice, you can still enjoy the area through ice skating. 


  • Along the 140 acres of land, near the lakeside, you could see that chairs and campfires are available. 
  • You can come over in the night and just relax or have bonfire marshmallows around the Breeo fire pit. 
  • You will get the firewood complimentary.

Pedal Boating – Kayaking- Canoeing: Well, now this is something really great. Where do you get all these activities along with a cabin? Just here at Nordlys!

You can enjoy all three activities base on what you prefer. There are all the equipment and safety gear are available for you to use. 
Here is an upcoming activity that you can always look forward to – Sauna (The Year 2022) It is basically a northern acidity where the owners are trying to work out along with the MN-based Voyageur Saunas to develop a cedar-scented beauty which could be later on used by the guests.

You Can Watch This Great Youtube Video – To Experience The Nordlys Online

#2 Romantic Airbnb Cabins – Marlboro

Location: New York, US

If you are in New York or some nearby state or city, Marlboro is one of the best romantic getaways Airbnb cabins that can be used by couples as their retreat or relaxing center. The cabin is tiny but very adorable and perfect for people who wish to get a cozy place not far from their homeland. 

What Facilities You Would Be Getting At Marlboro?

  • There are two bedrooms – one with a single bed and another with a double bed. You can come along with your romantic partner or even with your family. There is enough space even for a family to spend a great relaxing time. 
  • The entire loft is adorned by windows that have a great design (look & feel). It allows a great amount of natural light to enter the cabin and makes you feel refresh and rejuvenated. 
  • You would find all the essentials here, right from the HVAC system, fans, dishwasher, walk-in shower, and a perfect kitchen. 
  • If you want to explore the outer area, you can reach out to the vineyard and the orchard of apples. 
  • You can even sit outside the cabin, near the fireplace that overlooks the mountains in the region. 
  • You can hike, cook, grill, roast marshmallows, and feel the stress just melt away.

#3 Romantic Airbnb Cabins – Blaeberry River Cabin

Location: British Columbia, Canada

This mesmerizing place or cabin is entirely hosted by Julie.

The cabin is situated in a perfect location where you can feel closest to nature. It has got woods all around. You can not just spend quality time inside the cabin but also outside. The woods are entirely designed by Form and Forest where you have the opportunity to canoe the Blaeberry River and go on a hike. 

What Facilities You Get At Blaeberry River Cabin

  • Accommodation: The cabin is spacious enough to accommodate almost 5 guests. There are in-tota 3 bedrooms along with 4 beds and 2 bathrooms. Now you can notice that it is quite good for comfortably accommodating more than 2 guests. 
  • You would get all the basic amenities that include a kitchen area, barbeque, and a deck that leads to the hot bathtub. 
  • Once you have booked the cabin, you can get it all to yourself. All you have to do is self-check into the cabin and start spending time with your loved ones. 
  • The best aspect of choosing this cabin is that you are allowed to bring your pets along with you. Pet lovers would find this really interesting. 
  • About The Surrounding:  If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature in solitude then this place has almost 100 acres of land where you can go on a hike. 
  • Besides hiking, you can go on a bike ride, kayaking in the Blaeberry river nearby, and canoeing. All these activities are available in the spring and summer seasons. 
  • For winter, you can opt for ice skating, ski trails, snowshoe, and many more. 

#4 Romantic Airbnb Cabins – Snow King Cabin

Location: Jackson, Wyoming

When we are listing all the romantic cabins, we cannot leave out this classic romantic cabin. It is a 1949 home that is situated at a perfect location in Jackson, Wyoming, right on the slopes of the Snow King.  The cabin appears as a lovely home where you can spend time with your family or you can come to align with your romantic partners and even friends. While you are at The Snow King Cabin, you would observe the wide greenery, woods, and wildflowers adorning the entire area. You can witness nature at its best during the spring. If you wish to visit the place during winter, the entire area would be covered with snow that will create a mesmerizing look of the entire area. Being close to nature is a privilege in itself. 

During summer, you can also visit the Alpine Slide which is within walking distance of the cabin. You can go on an evening stroll and enjoy the beauty of the place, the serenity, the galleries of Jackson that are adorned with a wide range of restaurants and boutiques. 

About Cabin:

  • The cabin is fully decorated with handcrafted and vintage furniture that will make you feel warm and welcoming. The flooring is of old oak and it is adorned with Navajo rugs.  During the nighttime, you would be able to witness the attractive skylight. The moonlight will fill the entire house with pale white light. 
  • The interiors of the cabin are designed to make it look like a comfortable home. You have a comfortable sitting area alongside the fireplace. Besides, you will get different types of armchairs, with cushions and a TV to spend your leisure time (if you are not going outside). 

The Kitchen Area Of The Cabin:

  • Yet another perfect space of the cabin. It is quite light and very spacious. There are all the appliances available which you can use to prep breakfast or lunch/dinner. The kitchen furniture includes the moose-antler chandelier align with glass cabinets and a perfect tabletop for serving food. The cook would feel great while preparing different cuisines. 


  • There are almost 3 bedrooms available for the guests – 2 normal bedrooms and 1 master bedroom. It means that you can easily accommodate 10 people at the Cabin. 
  • The Master bedroom is furnished with a king-size bed and a stunning walk-in wardrobe. You can dress up yourself in front of the antique dressers and make yourself look pretty perfect. 
  • Bathroom – Here you can find a walk-in shower where you woud find all the basic things. 
  • The Other Two Bedrooms: They are perfectly furnished with beds, cushions, and linens. The two bedrooms will have a shred bathroom that will have all the essentials placed inside for the guests. 
  • There is another extra or Additional Bedding – For kids: It has got two different twin bunk beds and a TV. 

Some other amenities that you would find at Cabin are:

  • Fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar
  • Dishwasher
  • Wine Cooler
  • Ice maker
  • Formal dining area with seating for 8
  • Television
  • Fireplace
  • Wi-Fi
  • Heating
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Iron/Ironing Board

The Major Features of Outdoor space Of Cabin: 

  • Alfresco dining with seating for 10
  • Barbeque
  • Patio
  • Parking

#5 Romantic Airbnb Cabins – Skykomish

Location: Washington

Well, there is no doubt that we all have a special corner in our hearts for A-Frame cabins, isn’t it? It is a one-bedroom A-Frame cabin that will make you feel just like a fairy tale. It is a perfect location for romantic getaways. 

This stunning A-frame cabin is situated in the private community of cabin – Timber Lane Village. The cabin is having nearby best ski places and hiking spots. To name a few – Steven’s Pass Ski Resort and Central Cascades. 

Note For The Guests: There would be some extra charges for keeping the surroundings clean. It’s a necessary fee as the location is very remote and all laundry, garbage, etc. all have to be taken off-site. Please inquire about all the charges before you finally reserve the place for your weekend vacation or a romantic getaway.

The A-frame cabin is an 1100 square ft area which is a perfect retreat for couples who wish to take a break from routine life and spend some time in solitude. You can follow up with different activities that will help you relax and develop a positive mindset. When you spend time at A-frame cabins, you would be close to nature and enjoy its mesmerizing beauty. 

What Facilities You Would Get Here?

  • Outside the A-frame cabin, you will have an entire space to yourself where you can go on hikes or skiing. 
  • You will be having a map of the place which will guide you through the hiking trail. The hiking trails in Timber Lane directly lead to the South Fork beach. 
  • At this location, you will enjoy your barbeque meal with amazing picnic tables. You can sit comfortably around the table and view the beauty of the river and the wood. 

About The Cabin: 

  • It is fully furnished with all the necessary or essentials available to you. 
  • Beds – 1 Queen Bed align with 1 twin bed that is placed in the living area. Besides this, there is a foldaway single bed. All the mattresses are of high quality and have memory foam, with pillows and linen. It will help you to have a sound sleep. 
  • The Kitchen  Space: You will get all the essentials for preparing breakfast or lunch/dinner. 
  • Other Amenities: There are other amenities also listed that will include a flat-screen TV (All available for you – Netflix, Amazon Videos, and other interesting things). 
  • You will also find an advanced DVD player along with high-speed internet, games, and many DVD for movies. 
  • A hot tub is placed outside the cabin for you to have a  cozy comfortable experience during winters.

Note For Guests; The A-Frame Cabin’s availability should be checked through the Airbnb website or through the official website. It is subjected to change.

Gypsylifestylebuzz will keep bringing such interesting places where you can spend some quality time, relax, recharge yourself and make the best of it. These were the most amazing and uniques cabins that I have listed above. For more updates on Cabins or any other travel destinations, stay tuned to Gypsylifestylebuzz.

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