6 Amazing Tips from Travel Experts To Make Packing Fun And Interesting

6 Amazing Tips from Travel Experts To Make Packing Fun And Interesting

Who doesn’t like traveling? Well, we all do! 

Isn’t It?

But the thing that everyone will try to avoid or procrastinate is packing. Packing for vacations or weekend getaways or even long trips does not seem a fun activity at all. So how to make the packing interesting? Is there even a way to transform a boring activity into an interesting one? 

Well certainly! Here are some of the interesting things that you can follow up to make packing of essential items more fun and interesting

1. Plan Out All The Place And Time By Making A Checklist:

Packing essential is based on a lot of factors which you need to consider. It goes without saying that traveling to different places requires different things or essentials. For instance, if you are planning for a luxurious trip or tour, then you would require a different set of essential items as compared to the camping trip. Right?

So the very first thing that you must understand is planning. You need to decide at what time of the year you would be planning for a trip and also the place. If you wish to visit tropical regions then your essentials would be starkly different from the clothes you would be packing for a hill station or even a beach. Now the thing is how to make this activity fun. Whether you are planning a vacation with your family or your friends, just gather in a room and discuss with each other. Understand and analyze what each one is suggesting and then reach a final verdict. If you all are in confusion then choose a place randomly and see that everyone is agreeing to it. Each one of you can have your own list of places and share it with each other. It will help you in knowing what are the favorite travel destinations of your friends or family. This will be completely fun and you wouldn’t even realize how amazing it would have felt by spending quality time together. 

Once you have decided what place it would and at what time of the year would be best for trips, it is time to delegate the responsibilities.

2. Delegation Of The Trip Responsibilities:

Well, planning and packing or organizing for the holidays and vacation trips just by one person is not cool at all. It might overburden the person with a lot of work. Due to this, the planning and packing for trips do not appear fun. So you can delegate the responsibilities of the entire trip to each person. This will reduce the load on a single person and everything would be completed within a short span of time. For instance, the hotel booking, arrangement of the food, flight tickets, planning the itineraries, etc could be divided and taken up by every person of the group.

3. Listing Of The Essential Travel Items And Go For Shopping:

Well, once you have decided the travel destination, it would be easier for you and your friends to list out the things that would be required on the trip. Each one of you can have a personal list along with a common checklist. The common checklist will comprise all the essential things that would be needed by the group. Besides this, everyone can have a personal list that will include all the personal things. 

Once all the checklists are ready, you can go out shopping and get all the essential items that you and your group would need. Shopping is definitely fun. (Even for boys if it is essential for the holiday trips!) You can check out different stores, malls and have fun together. In this way, you won’t realize that you are actually shopping for the trip.

4. When The Actual Work Begins:

Well, you have planned out everything and even purchased all the essentials. Now is the time you actually need to organize things into your backpack. The best thing to do is to have separate personal bags along with a common bag. The common bag will have essential things that would be required by everyone. For instance, the food packets, water bottles, camera, first-aid box, etc. Along with this, your personal bag will hold all your personal clothing, footwear, and cosmetics. This will make it easier for each member to access the essential things without any hassle. 

  • Have separate toiletry pouch bags for storing the cosmetics and other items. 
  • Roll on your jeans, t-shirts, dresses, or shorts, and then place them into the bag. It will give you more space to put up essential things without getting extra baggage.
  • Make sure you have multiple garments in case of emergencies. 
  • Keep your essential gadgets such as charger, tablet, iPod, headphones, etc in a protective soft padded bag so that they are protected from being damaged while traveling. 
  • Keep the important documents in a specific folder which could be accessed easily. The documents include your personal identity cards, your credits/debit cards, passport, and other permit documents. 
  • Note: If you are traveling during the COVID-19 phase, then you will need to have your COVID-19 test report and a travel permit along with other essential documents).

5. Meet Before The Trip And Monitor The Progress:

This is one of the most important things. As each one of you has delegated the work, you must meet a week before the trip and check whether everything is going as per planning or not – whether the tickets are booked or not, whether the hotel rooms are available on particular dates and booked perfectly, whether you have access to the local commute to the place you would be visiting, etc. 

This meeting will help you to know what are the things that are pending and what needs to be done in the following week. Besides this, it will give confidence that nothing is left until the last minute changes and everything is organized beforehand.

6. Cover Up All The Pending Work Without Fail:

If you find that there is any obstacle while completing the delegated responsibilities then analyze what is it and how it could be completed. It goes without saying that while you are planning a trip, nothing should be left to the last minute. It will not only create havoc but also have the potential to completely ruin your trip. 

Although traveling is fun, but packing seems to be boring for everyone. But this simplistic blog will help you to make packing your stuff for holidays or vacations quite interesting. 

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