5 Best Hobbit Inspired Airbnb Houses

5 Best Hobbit Inspired Airbnb Houses

Article on Airbnb houses/ Hobbit houses.

Are you a Hobbit or Lord of the Rings fan? If yes, then you have come to the right place. While watching the movies, we all have dreamed of living in the beautiful and cozy Hobbit-hole, isn’t it? Well, I am very sure, you must be craving to find such a place that could provide you a hose that is just like a Hobbit-Hole and spend some quality time with your friends, partners, or family. Just one glance at the Hobbit-hole would take to the imaginary land of “The Shire” where people are roaming around happily, doing their work, and having a gala time. The beautiful place, where we could notice Frodo Baggins scribbling some notes in his diary, and Bilbo Baggings focusing on completing his book or having his superb fish dinner. Don’t you want to visit that place? 

I know, your answer would be a big Yes! 

So now we will actually provide you the list of the best Airbnb houses that are based on the theme of Hobbiton homes of “the Shire”. Many tourists have traveled from far away land to visit these stunning hobbit homes – Airbnb houses to get the feel of the middle-eath second-age and third age. Earlier, people used to travel to New Zealand, just to have a glance at the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movie set. But now you can actually stay at such Hobbit holes for as long as you wish. These Airbnb houses have made the dream come true for millions of fans. If you are one of those fas, just check out the ultimate list of Airbnb houses – Hobbiton homes/ Hobbit hole below.

  1. Want To Know About The Best-Value Airbnb House/Hobbit House: Hobbit Knoll – A Top Hobbit House to Rent in Asheville
  2. Coolest Hobbit Home Rental – Airbnb Houses: The Sassafras  – A Hobbit House in Tennessee
  3. Best Hobbit House Listed in Airbnb Houses For Entire Family: Hobbit House In Arkansas
  4. The Tiny Hobbit House – Airbnb Houses – The Chalet (You Will Get Experience Of Living In A Tiny Mushroom House)
  5. The Coolest Hobbit House – Airbnb Houses in Vermont

#1 Hobbit Knoll – A Top Hobbit House/ Airbnb Houses To Rent

Geographical Location: Asheville, North Carolina

When you reach Asheville, the Hobbit Knoll is just 10 to 15 minutes from the downtown. 

This is one of the most amazing Hobbit homes Airbnb in North Carolina where approximately 4 guests can accommodate comfortably. You can plan out your weekend trump with your family or friends at Hobbit Knoll. The Hobbit knoll is designed on a land of 8 acres where you will find the pristine mountains (giving you the feel of the “Misty Mountains”) align with all other facilities. 

You can also come over to Hobbit Knoll as a romantic getaway and get the comfortable and cozy ambiance of the entire place. 

About The Hobbit Hole: Well, by reading the name, you might feel that the Hobbit hole would be small but it is large enough for multiple people to stay and spend time. The house space is almost 800 to 900 square feet.

The decoration of the Hobbit Knoll is inspired by the actually Hobbit. There is a perfect gas fireplace with tables and chairs of farm style. Even the doors of the Hobbit Knoll are round and handmade. 

Facilities Available At Hobbit Knoll: 

  • Bedroom; The bedroom comprises a queen-size bed along with comfortable mattresses. Pillow and linen. 
  • The bathroom is quite spacious with a large walk-in bathroom, sink, and toilet. 
  • Living Space – It comprises a large queen-size bed (an extra) with kitchenwares lines in the kitchen area. You even have the facility to get Netflix shows and Youtube videos on TV. 
  • Kitchen Facilities: There are a lot of things that you can munch during the evening time and have coffee. You are provided different types of cookware which can be used for preparing delicious dishes just like Mr. Bilbol Baggings did. 
  • You can find the grocery stores nearby where you can get all the essentials for your cooking purpose. 
  • Not just the front area and the Hobbit house is amazing, even the outdoor area is just as stunning as other areas. There is a small fire pit where you can sit around in peace and watch the mesmerizing sunset. 

Points To Ponder: The Hobbit Knoll – Airbnb House because so popular among the tourists that it was also featured on CNN and several other channels. 

Make sure you are not bringing your pet to the place due to the strict adherence to the “No-Pet” policy.

#2 The Sassafras – A Unique Earth Airbnb Houses in Tennessee

Geographical Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

Sassafras is the right place if you want to spend your time at a posh underground Hobbit hole. This Airbnb house is on the rock cliff where you can have a view of the overlooking pond and the wood. The entire design of the Airbnb house – Sassafras is conducted by keeping in mind the Hobbit hole of movies. The surroundings of the Sassafras are covered with all the natural things and made it completely comfortable. 

Due to the beauty of the surrounding, you would feel completely relaxed and get the best of the vacation you have planned. 

Facilities You Would Get At Sassafras Airbnb house.

  • Bedroom: There is one bedroom with one cozy bed, high-quality mattresses, and linen. 
  • Bathroom: There is one with a washbasin, walk-in bathroom, and all the toiletries available to you, right from toilet papers, to soap, shampoos. Body wash etc.
  • Kitchen Area: You will get an adorable and clean area where you can get the essential cookware for prepping delicious food. 

If you are seeking a unique place to spend your short or long vacation, then nothing could beat Sassafras.

Special Information: 

The Sassafras is an Airbnb house that is also serving as a bridal suite for the Waterstone wedding venue. If you are planning for some special occasions, you must keep this place in mind. There is another suite along with this property – the groom suite. The groom’s suit is in Bostonia.

Points Of Ponder: 

Photoshoots and events are not allowed at the location. 

No visitors will be allowed at the place – only those guests ca enter who have booked/reserved the place.

Although you would love your pups, they would not be allowed at the location. 

#3 Best Hobbit House Listed in Airbnb Houses For Entire Family: Hobbit House In Arkansas

Geographical Location: Rogers, Arkansas, US

Usually, you might be getting rental homes or Airbnb houses that are just for couples, 2 guests, or at the max 4 guests. But what if you want to take your family as well as your friends on vacation? You might need a large rental house – our Airbnb house. Well, yes there is a perfect Airbnb house – a Hobbit house that can be reserved for a large family. This uniquely designed Hobbit hole  Airbnb house has approximately 6 bedrooms. Now you can understand that the place can easily accommodate more than 15 16 guests comfortably. (Just like the dwarves swarmed into Mr. Bilbo Baggin’s Bag End). 

This hobbit-hole is considered one of the most sustainable Airbnb houses. Most of the things that you would notice in this Airbnb house – hobbit hole is handcrafted. Right from the insulation of straw bale to a room made from recycled tires. Besides numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, there is also a game room where you can spend your time relaxing and playing around. 

You can reap the full benefits offered by the 3 king-sized bedrooms, 3 loft bedrooms, private side patio, pool with an outdoor dining table, two fully stocked kitchens, and the propane grill. Once you enter this hobbit-hole, you will get to know why this Airbnb house is listed for a large family or large group of friends.

All the major sections of the Airbnb house – Hobbit hole are interconnected. 

1st section – Straw Bale has 3 major bedrooms.

2nd section – Tire Room – It has 3 bedrooms. 

3rd section – It has one bedroom along with air mattresses. 

  • All the bedrooms have high-quality mattresses along with pillows and linens for you to have a sound sleep when you are on a break from your routine life.
  • At this Airbnb house, you will love to spend your time indoors with your family/friends by playing games, having lunch/dinner together, and even watching TV together.
  • The living space or area o the house is having a large TV where you can watch different shows or movies.
  • This is a hobbit house (Airbnb house) that features a perfect giant hobbit door that is handmade as well as hand-painted. 
  • A large pool where you can have a small pool party with all your family members. 
  • You can use the patio region to have your morning breakfast or evening tea (just like Mr.Bilbo Baggins) and spend your time relaxing in your comfort zone.
  • The 3rd section of the Airbnb house – Hobbit hole is a game room that is a connection between the other two sections. Here you can find several board games, ping-pong tables, books, and even magazines. 
  • The Bathrooms are stocked with all the essentials that you would need during your stay at this earth house/Airbnb house.
  • The best aspect of this hobbit house/Airbnb house is that it is pet-friendly. Yes, you read it right. This is a hobbit house where you can bring your pets along with you by paying a nominal fee for it.

The place is just 5 minutes walking distance from DT Rogers and Beaver Lake. You can walk along with your family to the lake and spend a beautiful bonfire evening.

The facilities you would get here are the best. 

#4 The Tiny Hobbit House – Airbnb House – The Chalet (You Will Get Experience Of Living In A Tiny Mushroom House)

Geographical Location: Charlevoix, Michigan

Although this Airbnb house, a hobbit house is listed as a tiny one, it can easily accommodate around 4 to 5 guests. You might have come across a lot of hobbit houses but this is something different from all other Airbnb house/ hobbit house rentals. It is designed with unique features to impart a great look to the house as well as make you feel comfortable. After entering the hobbit house/Airbnb house, you would feel as if you are being part of the house that is owned by Mr. Bilbo Baggins. You can come here with your friends as well as your family – a best romantic retreat for the couple. 

This is an amazing Hobbit house/Airbnb house that is located nearby lake Michigan. Along with that, you can have a great shopping and dining experience in the area around the tiny house. Moreover, there are Castle Farms and places where you can enjoy different art and culture. 

  • You would adore this place due to major three things – the history of Earl Young, the appearance of the Thatched Roof, and the visually appealing tiny features. It makes the entire place cozy and comfortable. 
  • The tiny Mushroom house is having a spacious living area with a compact kitchen and a powder room. The place offers 2 cozy bedrooms, 1 bed, and 1.5 comfortable bathrooms. 
  • At this hobbit house/Airbnb house, there are two levels – the top level and the ground level. At the lower level, 1 master bedroom is provided with a curvy staircase. Along with this, the upper level has 2 loft bedrooms and a small library for kids(if they accompany you on your vacation).
  • The Bathrooms have all the essentials that would be required by the guests including soap, hairdryer, conditioner, and many other things.
  • There is one tiny or compact kitchen where you would find all the cooking essentials for you to prepare your own meal. 
  • There is a perfect indoor fireplace – you can sit around and read books or have a peaceful time with your loved ones. 
  • At this Airbnb house/ Hobbit house, you can bring your beloved pets along with you and just have a gala time. 

#5 The Coolest Hobbit House – Airbnb House in Vermont

Geographical Location: Middletown Springs, Vermont

You might have watched the movie Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, right? I am sure you have. So while watching the movie, you might have dreamt of living in a space just like Hobbit hole. Here we will help you to make your dream come true with the Airbnb houses. After reading this, you will definitely transport yourself to the fantasyland of Hobbit houses provided by Airbnb. This hobbit house or Airbnb house is in Vermont – the entire place is really enchanting and you would not want to come back. The area is more than 1100 square ft. hobbit house (Airbnb house) designed on the land of 12 acres. The visual appeal of the house is just like the Hobbit hole of Mr. Bilbo Baggins in New Zealand. 

The Airbnb house – Hobbit hole might seem very small or tiny to you but it can comfortably accommodate 4 guests. You can plan a mini-vacation to this dreamland and make your dream come true. 

This place is a fantasy architecture that will give you the feel of the Hobbiton set without traveling to New Zealand. You can actually stay here and have a comfortable time with your loved ones. All the styling and decoration inside the Hobbit house/Airbnb house has been worked up by benign inspired by Tolkien. The decore used in the house ar mostly antique but provide you complete comfort. 

Right from this Airbnb house or cottage, you can have a mesmerizing look at the valley. 

What Facilities You Will Get At Coolest Hobbit House/Airbnb House In Vermont?

  • You would love to be in the lovely Queen-sized bed along with soft mattresses and linens. There is a full-bath bathroom with an amazing tub and all the essentials or toiletries. 
  • There is another section of the house – The Double dragon Pub. Here a Murphy bed is available with a full bath. 
  • Along with the accommodation you get to enjoy a small garden. In the garden area, you can have a hot soak in the claw foot tub and a shower. 
  • You can sit around the fire pit in the evening and spend your time with your loved ones or your family/friends. 
  • Darts, as well as several board games, are available so that you can keep yourself busy in some relaxing activities and make yourself feel at home. 
  • At the pace, pets are allowed but the type and weight is quite specific. Get all the details about the pets so that there isn’t a problem at the last minute. 

Whichever Airbnb house you choose for your stay, you are definitely going to enjoy it. Hobbit holes/ Hobbiton/ Hobbit House – whatever you call them, they are just amazing. All these Hobbit houses you can avail at Airbnb houses. Stay tuned to Gypsylifestylebuzz for travel destinations updates and travel news.

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