7 Best Camping Destinations In Rajasthan

7 Best Camping Destinations In Rajasthan

The routine life is taking a toll not just on your physical health but also your mental health. You are consistently working hard to ensure that you are providing a great life to yourself and your family. But introspect yourself and understand – whether it is true? Well, if you are not making the best efforts to take proper and regular breaks in your life, you cannot say that you are living a great life. Once in a while, you must try to give yourself and your family a vacation. It is not necessary that you have to plan a trip to Europe. You can choose some best camping destinations or camping sites in India itself and be close to Mother Nature. When you are going on camping, you are being close to the rivers, mountains, trees, and various other things. You will definitely find yourself peace when you are away from the hustle-bustle of the city life as well as your work life. 

Well, now that you have decided you will go on a camping trip, the next important thing that you need to focus on is “Where”? 

Choosing the best-camping sites or best-camping destinations in India can be really difficult. You need to choose a camping location that has got amazing healing properties, serene expanses of greenery, ringed by lofty mountains, which can be a perfect remedy for a stressed soul. The camping location you select should be a place where you can actually feel a break from the lockdown situation. You can go on this campaign trip with your family, friends or even your colleagues. 

If you are directly searching on Google – the best campaign destinations, you will get a plethora of names and every detail to reach out to the place. But it will increase your confusion rather than help you choose the best campaign destination. Here you will get to know about the Treasure Troves that are present in India but not everyone knows about them. At these places, you will be able to get all the camping experiences – Bonfires, Food (Food-cooked on charcoal), trekking, sleeping under the skylight, witness the cool natural breeze, and a lot more. 

Now You Can Know About The Best Camping Locations/ Best Camping Grounds/ Best Camping Destinations In India And Also Add It To Your Travel Bucket List.

7 Best Camping Destinations In Rajasthan – Image Source Pixabay


When you are talking about the best camping sites, Rajasthan is the name that would be the first one to top the list. There are multiple locations in Rajasthan and multiple camping sites that can provide you the best campaign experience – a home away from home! While you are camping in Rajasthan, you will get to witness the sand dunes and the arid desert location of Jaisalmer. Not just the sand dune, but you will have a great time rejoicing the Rajasthani cuisines, drinks, dance and not to forget campfire. Through these camps, you will learn a lot about the fun-filled activities that take place in Rajasthan. 

Here is the list of the Best Camping Destinations That Are Present In The Deserts of Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer has been given a perfect nickname – “the Golden City” by the native Rajasthani people. The name has been given because of the strategic location of the city – amongst the Thar Desert. The golden sandstone and the sand of the Thar desert impart a golden and magnificent appearance to the city. The beauty of the place is such that the tourists from far lands come to experience the serenity of the place. You can witness the tourists enjoying the camel rides, and jeep safari. When you are at the camping site in Jaisalmer, you will be able to experience the rolling sand of the sand dunes, the life of tents, and a peep into the culture of Rajasthan. Most of the camping sites in Jaisalmer are situated in Sam Sand Dunes and the Khuri Sand Dunes. 

7 Best Camping Destinations In Rajasthan

#1 Exotic Luxury Camps: 

The Exotic Luxury camps are one of the best camping sites of Jaisalmer. These camps are situated near the village of Kanoi which is approximately 20 miles from the city of Jaisalmer. If you look for the reviews, you will get to learn that they are best when it comes to cleanliness and hospitality. The Exotic Luxury Camps are not located near the roads but away. So that you will actually feel that you are far from the city life. You will be able to get a valuable sense of peace and seclusion. You will be away from the pollution and witness the starlight from your tents. There are almost 26 to 30 tents that are converted into luxury stays with perfect antique furniture along with beautiful blue stenciling on the canvas walls. 

Facilities available At Exotic Luxury Camps

  • The tourists who wish to live in the tents have the flexibility to either opt for AC or Non-AC rooms, king beds, or normal twin beds or single beds. 
  • A perfect and comfortable bathroom area with the facility of a hot shower and western-style toilets. 
  • Your stay at the Exotic Luxury Camps would include a delicious complimentary buffet breakfast, along with a welcoming ceremony and a camel ride for 45 minutes. When you arrive at the side of the camp, you would be taken for a camel ride and you can witness the beautiful sunset. 
  • The tents are all set surrounding the performance area where you can enjoy the traditional Rajasthani dance and songs. Multiple bonfires would be lit to create an exotic view of the place and make you feel warm. 
  • You can relish the dinner in the dining tents. A buffet of delicious Indian cuisine would be set and you can have your dinner peacefully.
Exotic Luxury Camp – Image Source – Tripadvisor
Exotic Luxury Camp – Image Source – tripadvisor

#2 Sand Voyages Camp:

This is yet another camping site that is set near the village of Kanoi. The Sand voyages camp is also set away from the main road and helpful enjoy the peaceful environment. The camp will offer you a lot including a 

  • Jeep safari
  • Camel safari
  • Walk Through The Cultural Tours
  • Visit the Thar Desert village
  • Visiting Museum & Temples of the Jaisalmer City.

When you have visited all the places, you can get back to the homely tents and spend some quality time in the fun activities provided at the camp- you can enjoy badminton, cricket, volleyball games, and various other entertaining activities.


The Special Camp Mealtime And Other Facilities:

  • Apart from the fun activities, another thing that you will love about these camps is their mealtime. The camp has their own restaurant where you would be served the best authentic Rajasthani cuisine as well as pan Indian cuisines. You can choose to have your own taste of the food. 
  • Along with the lunch and dinner, you will be able to enjoy the breakfast buffet every morning. The dinners are usually served outside in the open where you can sit around the bonfire and relish the music of the Rajasthani native musicians. 
  • If you want to have your private space, then the provision of in-room dining is also available. 
  • There are almost 20 to 25 tents that are completely luxurious and decorated in Rajasthani style. 
  • Amenities include a private veranda, a king bed, and an ensuite bathroom with 24-hour hot and cold water.
Sand Voyage Camp – Jaisalmer

#3 Oasis Camping Experience At Oasis Camp Sam:

If you are planning to visit the Oasis Camp sam, then you will have to reach out to the Sam sand dunes as this camp is situated in a nearby area. It is considered one of the most commercialized camps among all other camps near Jaisalmer. They have been listed among the best camps for their friendly staff, cleanliness, and authentic Rajasthani food. All these things you will be getting at affordable rates. When the camps are within your budget, you will look out for nothing more. 



Highlights of The Oasis Camp Sam:

  • Complimentary sunset camel safari, and 
  • Rajasthani cultural program is hosted around the campfire each evening. 
  • After the folk music and dance, you will be able to witness a Bollywood-type party which could be enjoyed by everyone. 

Facilities Available At The Camp:

  • The tents at the Oasis Camp sam are facilitated with all the essential and basic amenities which will make you feel just like your home – a private flush toilet and washstand, and a large bed). 
  • Outside, a table and pair of chairs give you a place to sit and observe camp life in relative peace. For those that don’t love the idea of sleeping under canvas, the camp also offers a range of permanent cottages (although these are more expensive). 
  • Packages include welcome drinks, a buffet dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and a buffet breakfast the following morning.

#4 Prince Desert Camp: Get An Off-beat Experience Of Camping: 

If you are very much concerned about getting the best location for your camping experience, then nothing can beat Prince desert Camp. if you are choosing Prince Desert Camps, then you would be very close to the Sam sand dunes – just a walking distance away. Even if you are getting a camel ride or jeep safari, it won’t take long to reach the sand dunes. You can spend time getting involved in the mesmerizing beauty of Jaisalmer and witness sunrise and sunset. The evenings at this camp are the best as they draw you toward the cultural activities of Rajasthan. You can enjoy the fold dance, fold music, authentic Rajasthani cuisine alongside the bonfire. The bonfire would be just an amazing experience to fell under the starlit sky with the mesmerizing twinkling effect. 



The Facilities At Prince Desert Camp: 

  • You will be able to relish all the non-alcoholic drinks, a breakfast buffet (absolutely Rajasthani breakfast). 
  • The stay would also include lunch and dinner along with the breaks and some evening snacks as well.  
  • The best aspect of the Prince Desert Camp is that you have got 30 different Swiss camps and you can choose the best one for yourself or your family. The bathroom is available with a perfect ensuite, no electricity issue, and all other basic amenities are monitored regularly.

#5 Looking for A Luxury Camp In Rajasthan?  SUJAN The Serai Is Best among All: 

There are many tourists who are looking forward to enjoying the luxurious trip and camping experience in Rajasthan. You can directly reach out to the SUJAN, The Serai – it is a property that belongs to Relais & Châteaux and it comprises almost 100-acre land where you can spend a private time in Jaisalmer.  You will definitely have an exotic time if you plan to live in the luxurious tents of SUJAN, the Serai camps. The entire location is designed with gold and white and it will give a private feel as it is separated from other tourist camps. 



The Facilities You Will Enjoy At SUJAN, The Serai

  • Every tourist claims to have the most opulent feeling when they spend time at SUJAN desert camps. 
  • There are almost 21 luxurious tents that are designed to be in one of the best regal styles. Out of 21 tents, 6 tents are facilitated with private gardens, spa, outdoor swimming pool, and also heated plunge pool. 
  • These tents turn out to be one of the most royal suites that will also include dining and lounging. 
  • SUJAN, The Serai, is one of the most wonderful camping destinations where you can indulge yourself in a wide range of activities such as spas, body massages, relaxing sessions, yoga sessions, and even meditation. 
  • You can enjoy the workshops that are organized by the local artisans which include poetry, carving of wood, and even weaving. 
  • You can go on a camel ride to the sand dunes and have a romantic time with your partner. 
  • The best part about the evening is that you will get to relish the folk music of the traditional Manganiyar. 
  • The dining or the Rajasthani cuisine that you will get here is prepared from organic ingredients that are completely homegrown. The aroma of the authentic dishes would make your day!

#6 Want To Get The Best Boutique Experience In Rajasthan? – Damodra Desert Camp

Damodra Desert Camp is considered to be one of the largest spaces that offer you the most awaited boutique experience. There are almost 10 luxurious tents where you can not just feel at home but also feel royal. As you are in Rajasthan, you are bound to feel royal about everything – right from traveling to having lunch or dinner. The Damodra Desert Camp is located just about 18 to 20 miles from the main Jaisalmer city. 



The Facilities You Would Enjoy At Damodra Desert Camp: 

  • The 10 luxurious tents   that are completely air-conditioned that will ensure your comfort level.
  • You will get deluxe linens and would be enjoying the best Ayurvedic/organic toiletries along with an en-suite western bathroom. 
  • There is a huge patio where you can have some evening snacks and spend your time peacefully, observing the area, reading books or listening to music. 
  • You can go on a camel trek, or camel safaris to the sand dunes and indulge in the traditional activities. You can even ask for night camel safaris to watch the sand dunes during the night. 
  • The evening at Damodra Desert Camps is absolutely mesmerizing. The Rajasthani folk dancers would be dancing to the tunes of folk music or singers and you could enjoy this with chai and a wide range of savour Indian appetizers. 
  • For dinner, you would be served authentic Rajasthani cuisine in a perfect didnign area that is not just luxurious but also decorated in the Rajasthani style.
  • You can enjoy the breakfast buffet within local cuisines or even continental.

#7 Pal Rajah Resort – Camping Experience At A Different Level In Jaisalmer: 

Apart from Sam Sand dunes, there is other sand dunes – Khuri sand dunes. If you are keen on visiting the Khuri sand dunes, then you must make Pal Rajah Resort your base. It is almost 30 to 32 miles from the main city of Jaisalmer and situated near the village Barna. When you reach the Pal Rajah resort, you could be able to witness that it is decorated in a complete Thar desert tradition. 

  • The tents are adorned in a circular fashion and the campfire is in the centre of all the tents. It is a wide area where the campfire is lit.  
  • In the evening all the traditional or folk dancers, and singers offer to show their talents to the tourists and thus the entire area becomes filled with several tourists. 



The Facilities You Would Enjoy At pal Rajah Resort Camp:

  • A jeep safari or a camel safaris is available for all the tourists who are residing in the tents. You can choose the timing and duration of the safaris as per your preferences. 
  • Along with the rides, you will be able to relish the welcome drinks, the dinner buffet, hot beverages, breakfast buffet. 
  • In the resort, you will be able to stay either in the tents or mud huts. There are almost 8 Swiss tents and Rajastahni style mud huts. All the residing tents and huts are adorned with Rajasthani decor including the carpets and furniture. 
  • There is availability if en-suite bathrooms, good water facilities, electricity and various other features.

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