7 Travel Hacks To Choose The Best Airbnb Stays At Affordable Rates

7 Travel Hacks To Choose The Best Airbnb Stays At Affordable Rates

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Traveling is something we all love it. No one would say that they do not wish to see different monuments, or relax on beaches or go on a vacation trip. But the thing that usually puts a stop to our travel dreams is our budget. Some places are really affordable but some are extremely expensive. You might also feel that these luxurious places should be out of your travel bucket list. Traveling to different places, trying out different cuisines, and meeting new people is something we always look forward to. Before that we need to fulfill our routine responsibilities, paying the bills, house EMIs, car loans, and even student loans. So how to manage everything and also plan out a vacation at Airbnb stays. Well, you need to be really smart while choosing Airbnb Stays. You need to look out for different ways in which you can get a discount. 

I’ll be sharing some really great travel hacks that will help you to choose the best Airbnb Stays and that too at affordable rates. By the end of the article, you would notice that the information you received is worth it! 

Airbnb stays are perfect for your long or mini-vacations. At Airbnb stays you can just live like locals in the place you are visiting and even manage your travel budget. Besides normal Airbnb stays, you might be wishing to stay at the Airbnb yurts or treehouses, or hobbit homes. All these might seem very expensive to you but with our travel hacks, you would e able to get the best Airbnb Stay without worrying about your budget. I have got all the things covered with these amazing travel hacks or travel tips. 

What Exactly Is Airbnb?

Well, you love traveling then you might be knowing about Airbnb stays Airbnb homes, etc. But if you are not, don’t worry. I’ll help you know everything about it. Airbnb is one of the fastest-growing travel platforms. Airbnb acts as a broker between the actual property owners and the people who would rent their properties for a specific time period. Airbnb does not have ownership of any of the properties listed on it. They are a medium that allows the property owners to offer their unique and beautiful accommodations homes, tiny houses, treehouses, mushroom houses) to the people who want to get a great experience out of it.  

Airbnb has a wide range of properties that vary based on the prices, location, accommodation style, host, and many other aspects. So if you are choosing Airbnb to find a good stay at your travel destination, then you can have a lot of options. When there are more options, the level of confusion increases. But you need to worry about the confusion as I’ll share some travel hacks that will help you in finding out the best Airbnb stay for your vacation/ trip.

#1 You Must be very Particular About The Dates For Airbnb Stays:

Well, the most important thing that you should focus on while choosing the best Airbnb travel is your travel dates. This is a common mistake that many travelers or tourists make – sometimes I categorize myself on that list! While searching for Airbnb stays on the official website, do not forget to mention the dates you would be traveling. If you do, then you would get a list of all the properties. Some of these properties may be booked on the dates you have selected for your trip. But you know it because you have not used the “date filter” provided on the Airbnb website. So the very first thing you would do is to set multiple tentative dates when it would be comfortable for you to travel. 

Once you have decided the date, add those dates to the filter and then find the Airbnb stays or accommodations which you find the most suitable. 

Pro Tip/ Travel Hacks For You: The plush, nicely decorated places do tend to book up quickly, so booking well in advance will give you the best options.

#2 Be Very Particular About The Location For Airbnb Stays: 

You might be having someplace already decided in your mind where you wish to have your vacation. For instance, you might have decided with your partner that you would go to Bali or Maldives or any other place. Once, you are sure about your travel destination, it is better you start searching for Airbnb stays where you would love to spend your time leisurely. While doing so you need to answer some questions. These questions will bring clarity and help you make an informed decision. 

  • Would you like to stay in the city area as it would be easier to walk to different places?
  • Would you want to stay among the locals or choose tourists’ preferred areas?
  • Do you wish to have an Airbnb stay near the countryside to get an authentic experience of the place?
  • Are you looking for an Airbnb stay that is nearby a particular landmark?

First of all, you will need to know that there is no right or wrong place when it comes to choosing a stay. The places may be convenient or inconvenient to you. So while choosing the best Airbnb stays, make sure you are answering these questions to yourself. It will help you in understanding what exactly you are looking for. This will make the choosing process easier for you. 

Once you are clear about the general Airbnb stays, you can now use the map feature provided by the Airbnb website to check out the properties. You can just use the slide feature to get to the location. 

Note: Before any booking confirmation, the Airbnb website does not disclose the exact address of the property. It is best to maintain the confidentiality of the place as well as the owner. 

For a particular area, you would be able to see multiple Airbnb Stays align with the price bubble. When you click on it, you will get to see all the images of the place and price. You can easily choose which one you like the most. 

Tip: I like to pull up significant attractions, grocery stores, or other necessities on my Google Maps and then compare my Google Map to the map shown on Airbnb so I can figure out the best location for my stay. 

#3 Use As Many Filters As Possible To Find The Best Airbnb Stays: 

I have tried almost all the filters that are provided by the Airbnb website and listed here some of the most essential filters that you must use to get the list of best Airbnb stays for a particular location. You already know about the “date” filter and the “location” filter. Now there are some other filters that you can use to your advantage and get the best Airbnb stays. 

Use the filter – “Guests”. Through this filter, you will mention how many guests would be staying at the place. Based on the number of guests you have added to your filter, you would be getting a list of Airbnb Stays that are comfortable for the specific number of guests.

Now use the filter “price”. Well we all are looking for comfortable Airbnb stays but that should be in our budget, right? So using the price filter will add the amount you are ready to pay per night. Now based on the pierce filter, you will get some Airbnb stays.  

All these filters provided by Airbnb Stays will help you in narrowing your choices and eliminate confusion. 

#4 Check out The Photos Of The Airbnb Stays: 

Another important aspect that you must not ignore is the photos of the place. Once you have shortlisted the Airbnb stays, you need to check out the photos of the interior as well as the exterior of the place. Not all places that you find would be of high quality. When you are staying somewhere for a night or two, you really want it to be clean and perfect )and also visually appealing). Well, you are paying for the place and it is your right to get the best services. 

Even the quality of pictures uploaded on the website of the property will let yo know the condition of the property and whether it is properly taken care of or not. 

So to be on the safe side, you should check out the photos of all the shortlisted places and then select the ones you find clean and visually appealing. 

Tip: don’t just look for the exterior images of the property but for all the rooms, bathroom, kitchen, beds, and other things that are offered by the owner. 

#5 Do Not Forget To Go Through The Reviews Of The Airbnb Stays: 

This is something we all look for before finalizing the properties for our stays. It is not just about the Airbnb stays but if you are booking any hotels or resorts, you would definitely verify the rating provided by the previous customer. Similarly, after you have verified all the images, it is the time you go through the customer reviews the Airbnb stays have received. Obviously, you would select the places that have multiple positive reviews and also get to know how the hosts have replied to the positive as well as negative reviews. There are multiple parameters based on which reviews are provided to the property such as cleanliness, location value, resources available, communication, etc. You should choose Airbnb stays that have received ratings of more than 4.5 or 4.8. If you think that the Airbnb stays have received good reviews then you can choose it for yourself. 

Now what if the property is recently listed on Airbnb, has perfect pictures but no reviews yet? 

In such situations how will you ensure whether the property would be a good choice for you or not? 

Here is another aspect you need to consider then. 

#6 Verify The Superhost:

If you have scrutinized the Airbnb websites and the properties perfectly, you might have come across the word hosts as well as super hosts. Airbnb has a special place for hosts who are highly rated and have all the good/positive reviews. Once in three to four months, the authorized staff of Airbnb verifies all the properties and offers a badge of “super host” to the property owners who have accomplished the given below factors. 

  • 4.8+ overall rating
  • 10+ stays
  • Less than 1% cancellation rate
  • 90% response rate

So if you are unable to find any reviews on the recently listed Airbnb stays, you can check out profiles of the owners/ hosts of the place. It will give you an idea of whether the place/property would be good for you or not. 

#7 Know About The Amenities You Would Be Getting At The Airbnb Stays: 

Well, while scanning all the shortlisted properties, you would also get to know about the amenities that would be available to you at the place. For instance – Wifi, Kitchen essentials, coffee maker, proper bed, extra mattress, linens, pillows, bathroom toiletries, HVAC system parking, laundry service for appliances, and various food supplies. 

These things will let you know whether you stayed the Airbnb would be a comfortable one or not. 


I am quite capable to provide you all these travel hacks for choosing the best Airbnb stays as I have stayed at different Airbnbs across the world. While doing so, I have chosen luxurious stays, budget-friendly Airbnb stays, villas, and many others. I must say that it was a great experience to travel around the world and stay at the best Airbnb homes. A small note for all the travelers and tourists who are looking forward to gaining coupons for Airbnb stays – Airbnb is going public, there are some coupons whose expiry date has been extended. But the coupons would not be available further. You can check out more information on Airbnb coupons on the official Airbnb website

Airbnb stays are not just perfect for anyone and everyone but they are really amazing. You must plan out your vacation at such places- it is a complete retreat and helps you relax. Gypsylifestylebuzz will keep bringing you different travel hacks and travel tips that you can use to make your trip budget-friendly and enjoyable. 

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