Ajmer – Your Delightful Dargah Destination

Ajmer – Your Delightful Dargah Destination


Once again in are in Rajasthan, but this with a new destination. If you are a tourist and love explore places, then you might have definitely heard about Ajmer. Yes, Ajmer is quite famous for the ‘Dargah’. It is a bustling city which is situated about 130 km southwest of Jaipur. The city has received this name from “Ajay Meru” and in Hindi, it means “invincible hill”. Ajmer is not only a tourist destination but it home to several tourists. It can be considered as the perfect representation of the diversity that is found in Indian Culture and its Ethics.

The place is a perfect blend of religion, community, and culture. It is an example of coexisting and flourishing harmony. Along with being a tourist destination, Ajmer is also a pilgrimage center for both Hindus and Muslims.

Dargah – Ajmer Sharif

You could witness that Muslim pilgrims or tourists from all over the world visit the final resting place of Sufi Saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti. But the important fact is that it is equally visited by Hindus as well as Muslims. The Dargah is popularly known as Ajmer Sharif Dagar, the shrine of Khwaja Moin-Ud-Din Hasan Chisti.

Scenic Beauty:

To Experience the scenic beauty of Ajmer, you can visit the expansive lake of Ana Sagar and rugged Aravali Hills. Ajmer, mostly famous for the Dargah, also significantly popular for the Jain Derasar or Jain Temples. You can visit the Golden Jain Temple which is home to a lot of Jain people.


You might be amazed to know that Ajmer is a well-known education center. You can visit the Mayo College. It was the stepping stone of education. It was one of the first schools that provided British Education during British rule in India.

Best Time To Visit Ajmer:

You can visit Ajmer during the months of October, November, December, January, February or you can say as winter months. The climate of the city remains quite pleasant. The day time temperature is so soothing that it will encourage tourists to visit several tourist places. Moreover, you must avoid summer months as it would not be comforting due to the extremely hot temperature.

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